Hi, I'm taking 2 sprays per day of cbd sub-lingual. Is it safe to take more? Maybe 2x/day?

Hello! It is theoretically safe to increase your dosage of CBD sublingual spray. It may take 2-3 weeks to achieve the maximal effect of the spray. After that time period, if you feel like your therapeutic goals have not quite been met, then I would say it is ok to proceed with a twice a day administration, as long as you do not have any negative side effects. Good luck!


CBD in a sublingual spray is a great choice. Without knowing the exact formulation that you have, I am tempted so say take CBD as instructed on the bottle itself. However, CBD is generally very well tolerated, safe and has no significant side effect profile, so an increase in dose should be okay. I suggest rather than thinking in terms of number of sprays, try to get anywhere between 5-10 mg of CBD per dose, then increase the dose to your symptoms. Hope this helps. -LG


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