HIGH CBD vape or edible to order online.

"I’ve been living in SoCal that last 9 years and received my card from HelloMD just last year. I’ve moved back to Ohio temporarily to get surgery and heal from automobile accident I was in back in February. Thankfully they’ve just passed medical marijuana here I believe just last month, however, it will take a month or so for it to go into effect. I was purchasing and taking the Kushy Punch chews which contained 60mg of CBD. I have to say – it showed incredible results for my anxiety and mild-depression without the psychoactive effects – EXACTLY what I need/wanted. It would help even greater now given the medical condition from the car accident I am in.

Problem being is I’m pretty sure this was CBD from Cannabis, not Hemp. As hemp has extreme health benefits, from everything that I’ve read and the research I’ve done, it’s significantly different than the cannabis strains. You really have to be careful when ordering CBD online because its easy to purchase something that is false and may or may not even be CBD.

Since CBD is legal in all 50 states and I’m unfortunately not in SoCal at the moment, I’m looking to see if anyone can recommend a HIGH CBD vape or edible that may be the equivalent to what I was taking in LA that you can order online, has the same benefits (or greater) and is WORTH the purchase. I realize there are a lot of scam companies and I’ve come here to seek any fellow humans who also take CBD and who may have recommendations online.

love and light~


Great question and depending on who you ask and who you are as a person, the answer could vary wildly. Personally, I have not found that CBD products from hemp have nearly the benefit or effect as CBD from cannabis. I am always on the lookout for high CBD/low THC products as I feel the same effects that you mentioned and I think the combination of cannabinoids, which create the ‘entourage effect’, are what is responsible for a better outcome.

It is also true you need to be careful as to what you purchase not just because the quantity of high grade CBD can vary wildly but also because hemp is often unregulated, especially if your hemp product comes from China.

That said, the brand Evoxe, carries a high CBD pen that is from hemp. They also have a new CBD pen with THC which is great. You can find their business listing on our site:


You may also try Auntie Dolores as I believe they just released a new high CBD brownie which is derived from hemp. I am not entirely sure, but I believe it to be so.


I am not a doctor and this represents only my opinion. I hope it helps!


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