How does passage of Prop 64 affect the medical marijuana dispensaries

"I just heard today that the city of San Jose CA is trying to ban Cannabis retailers ahead of the anticipated passage of Prop 64.
Does this affect the existing established medical marijuana dispensaries and collectives? Will the existing dispensaries have to require a state mandated medical ID too for the tax exemption? Exactly how does this affect the existing medical cannabis collectives and their patients?"

It very well might. Local jurisdictions have the right to outlaw retailers. In addition, local municipalities will be able to add additional taxes on top of the standard taxes that will be applied. My hope is that many towns will see having retailers and delivery services in their areas as an opportunity for job growth. The same would go for manufacturing or other cannabis related businesses. Unfortunately, I think there will be a lot of not-in-my-backyard. I welcome any thoughts on this answer…


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