How much cannabis juice should I drink to manage my pain?

"I have fresh cannabis leaf juice. I am over 65 years old, and weigh 250lbs. What would a good starting amount of juice to drink (ounces or grams) to reduce pain from lumbar stenosis?"

If you know your juicing source, I would first suggest finding out when the juice was harvested. If it is later in plant’s growth, it is possible the juice may have trichomes deposited on the leaves which can make it psychoactive. Just an FYI.

I too have stenosis and drink juice pretty regularly. There’s no particular upper limit but that being said, cannabis juice is quite acidic, so let your stomach be your guide. It can be mixed very nicely with other juices to make delicious smoothies. I think that the anti-inflammatory properties in cannabis are very present in the juice- at least for me, so I recommend you start with a few ounces, monitor your pain level and go up gradually if you need to, again making sure you have no digestive issues. Happy Juicing!

Carole Brodsky

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