How to deal with stage 4 colon cancel with cannabis

I am sorry to hear of you colon cancer and this is a challenge you most likely can survive but you may need to put a lot of attention into your diet. I would recommend that you obtain your genetic chart to see if you have a predisposition to cancer or heart disease because you may need a lot more help with your diet if you have the MTHFR C677T snp in your genetic chart.
I would encourage you to use both THC and CBD since both are toxic to cancer but the way you use the medication has a lot to do with your ability to drive and function on a day to day basis. The RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) reveals many great antidotal stories but those are not clinical trials so we don’t actually have proof that RSO works for a wide range of people. RSO does tend to make you somewhat incapacitated because of the THC until your body gets accustom to it. CBD oil is being researched in Israel for its effect against cancer it does not incapacitate you but it can make you dizzy And tired the first week as your body is getting adjusted to taking it on a regular basis. The way you treat colon cancer has a lot to do with the location of the tumor. If the cancer was located in the descending colon you may use CBD suppositories in addition to oral medications but do not insert the suppository too far into the rectum or it goes directly to deliver to be broken down. Start with several small doses of a highly concentrated CBD, lower THC oil tincture per day and as your body becomes accustom to the medication you may increase the dosage but do try to hold it in your mouth for absorption into your bloodstream instead of swallowing at work goes to your liver to be broken down. Depending on what other treatments you’re doing, Your liver may need additional support in clearing toxins from the body. In the afternoon you can enjoy a Sativa with more THC but if it makes you feel anxious please put one or two drops of CBD under your tongue to help nullify any anxiety from the higher THC. You are the only one who feels your response so the quicker you know how you feel with THC (kind of hyped up) and how you feel with CBD (kind of relaxed and calm) you can micro dose just about anything to perfection. I will send you the information I give to patients on how to obtain your genetic chart because it also helps us understand what medications you should not take. For now you should eliminate all grilled meats because grilling and searing meat does increased the carcinogens. In addition, you should be eating fresh raw greens on a daily basis but that does get old very quickly so I usually recommend you blend your greens in a shake. You must check your level of vitamin D since it is the hormone, not a vitamin and it is essential in helping to fight cancer. There are many other natural products that help to fight cancer but it is outside the scope of this question and if you need additional information, please contact me. Certainly, you should consider being on turmeric as one of the anti-inflammatory supplements.
Good luck, you can do this but I also encourage you to use imagery when you use your CBD drops. Jean Achterberg taught us in the 1980s that imagery helps your immune system to fight cancer. I encourage you to image that every drop is filled with microscopic dogs that love you and the whole purpose in life is to hunt down cancer cells and eat them since dogs are great at eating garbage. If, by some chance you don’t like dogs, substitute an animal of your choice that will do the job. Here is the genetic information with additional information on how to obtain your genetic chart privately. If you do not want me to get a copy of your genetic chart, leave my name off your order.
Genetic Information:

If you would like more information on your genetics and how your body handles contaminants please, order the 23andme.com/drolson test for $199.00, but by ordering under my name you should receive priority testing and a 10% discount.

The kit will be sent to your home but before you do the test, you will register the kit. Register the kit in a relative’s name (someone who has already passed on). This genetic information on you should be kept private and away from the eyes of any insurance company or attorneys & that is why I say you should register it in a dead relative’s name and date of birth but use your year of birth.

Keep in mind, Insurance companies match you with your name & date of birth so DO NOT give hem the information they need to find your results.

Once your kit is registered you may do the test & send it out.

When your results are ready, you will be notified by email that your relative’s results are in.
Download all the results (under the name upper right and save all information. Then connect your relative’s information to geneticgenie.org and download the methylation analysis and detoxification panel. Those are the papers I need to see to do a reading for you.

Call & let me know your results are ready, send the methylation panel to me, and we will arrange an appointment by phone or office visit to go over the results and start improving your interface with the world by letting you know where you have problems with snps in your genetic chart.

Remember, genetics gives us an empty gun, the environmental toxicities fills your gun with bullets and it is what we do on a day to day basis that fires the gun. Let’s remove your toxins and help your genetic chart work around the snps and you will start to realize health is not about western medical drugs but true health is about your genetic chart working well.

When you text me or call, be sure to let me know how we met if you are not a regular patient of mine.

Dr Sharon Olson 707-695-7438


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