How to prevent a "cannabis hangover" the next day?

"Feeling fuzzy, not quite "there." Is there a way to prevent/avoid…or fix this?"

Feeling groggy the morning after using cannabis at night is not uncommon. This can happen for many reasons.

  1. You may be consuming cannabis that is not ‘clean’ i.e., has pesticides or is not a high enough grade

  2. For your tolerance level, you have consumed too much THC, which means you either should consume less in a sitting or find a lower level of THC

  3. You were dehydrated to begin with, and you need to drink less alcohol and/or more water when you consume

  4. The strain/product you chose may not agree with you. Perhaps if you had an indica, try a different one or a hybrid next time. If the strain made you feel this way, perhaps an edible will not.

The same rules apply from a cannabis hangover as to alcohol. Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, exercise and up your intake of vitamins such as Vitamin C.

I am not a doctor and this represents my opinion only. I hope this helps!


Strictly consume the purest organic cannabis of the highest medical grade possible! Avoid over-consumption, stay hydrated, get plenty of sleep, avoid sugary foods, and eat fruits and vegetables. People react differently to cannabis, and therefore not every person who uses may feel the day-after side effects of overindulgence.

It is a good idea to take care of yourself, and to be aware of how much you are consuming, no matter which method of delivery is used. Making efforts to prevent overindulgence will definitely decrease chances for developing unfavorable residual effects hours after consuming.


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