How to use cannabis topicals?

"I use topicals for lower back pain and for neck stiffness. Is is better to slather the product on thick or use a thin layer? Does it matter if it’s rubbed it in deeply or lightly? Does it usually absorb right away? Thank you!!"

I use topicals frequently on my lower back when I experience some acute nerve pain. I have never found that you need to use too much and and yes, it should absorb quickly. I find that I will get relief within 5-10 minutes. Not everyone responds the same way however and what works for me may not be the same for you. I am going to include some links to posts we have put out recently that discusses topicals:


There many articles in this link that you will find informative. Also, Sweet ReLeaf a popular brand wrote many of them and I love their product. Other people I know love one called Flower Power.

I am not a doctor and this represents my opinion only. I hope this helps!


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