Hydrocephalus in Ohio

"How do I get a medical Marijuana card for a minor who has water on the brain in Ohio?
Ive been searching for how to get Jayden’s Juice for my son and the only option I see is to phys take him to California to try the oil… an I correct? Are there other options?"

Hi there! Sorry to hear about this. Take a look at the information below from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. It seems that you can get a cannabis recommendation for a minor in your state, you just need to find a physician that will provide you with one. You can read more here, including qualifying conditions: https://www.medicalmarijuana.ohio.gov/patients-caregivers

If you are visiting CA sometime in the near future, you would be able to use our service to receive a recommendation for yourself, however we do not provide them for minors, so if you want one strictly for your child, you will have to find a service here in CA that offers recommendations for minors.

Best of luck to you both!


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