I am new to this. I want to try smoking to help with chronic pain. Is it true that smoking harms your throat?

It sounds like you may be new to cannabis. There are many different ways that cannabis can potentially help with chronic pain. It is true that smoking flower from a pipe, a joint or any other way may be harsher on your throat than say vaping from a vape pen or a desktop vaporizer.

Many people find that edibles work well for them. When you ingest cannabis this way you metabolize the THC so it takes longer to feel the effect (up to 2 hours often) but the pain relief can last as long as 4-6 hours. For this reason edibles are often most popular before bedtime.

There are also a variety of topicals you may want to try for localized pain.

I think the biggest thing to know if you are just starting out, is that finding the right solution for you may take some time. You may find you prefer very THC and high CBD or you like a sativa or an indica. Take your time and go low and slow. I will post some articles that may be helpful:



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