I am seeking CBD treatment for a relative.

"with MS, a lot of neurological damage causing psych issues, and PTSD.I was going to try the regimen that Dr. Sharon Olson suggested, 28:1, 5 drops, 4 times a day. My relative is hoping to hear from people who have used this for similar symptoms, and what results they saw before we invest money and time in this treatment. Can anyone tell me or direct me to firsthand satisfaction they have had with this treatment for MS and neuropsych issues? Thank you"

Hi there! I am not a Dr., and I don’t have any personal experience in this, but while you’re waiting for someone to share their experience here, I encourage you to check this out: https://www.hellomd.com/search?term=multiple%20sclerosis

You can read different questions, answers, articles, and comments from patients, and doctors re: Multiple Sclerosis. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some useful content there.


I’d suggest trying more THC in the preparation if you are seeking effects on mood and "neuropsych" issues. This is achieved by increasing the dose or changing to a preparation with a greater concentration of THC. I have had positive results in MS patients using inhaled cannabis, particularly for moderation of mood, reduction of muscle spasm, and improved relaxation. These patients used THC dominant cannabis, although I would recommend the preparation include lots of CBD as this has an important moderating influence on THC effects. If you are employing a vape pen these preparations are available in a wide variety of CBD:THC ratios. There are also lots of orally absorbed and edible preparations available at different CBD:THC ratios. I suggest cautious experimentation rather than considering cannabis recommendations a prescription, as patients commonly report having tried a number of things before discovering what is helpful.


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