I am treating my anxiety with medical cannabis currently. Are there known emotional side-effects?

You did not mention what kind of medical cannabis you are using. When I’m treating a patient with anxiety, I doing courage that they start with small but frequent doses of concentrated CBD oil in a tincture that you place under the tongue or a spray in the mouth and Indica may be used at bedtime because it has higher CBD. It takes approximately 3 weeks before you start feeling the full effects of CBD and the calming it can produce but it is working and getting rid of inflammatory cells. You must be very careful with Sativa since the high THC content can greatly increase your anxiety even to the point of a panic attack. I encourage patients to avoid high THC until they have been on CBD for approximately 2 months and then you can bring in a mild Sativa by taking CBD in the morning, a mild Sativa in the afternoon and return to high CBD when you’re thinking about bedtime. The high CBD after a Sativa will join with the higher THC to make an Indica in your body and you will sleep well but do not take an Indica after a Sativa otherwise or you may have a party going on in your head all night.
In addition, please eliminate all free glutamates in your diet since they are neurologically toxic and can produce anxiety. You can read about free glutamate or glutamic acid at www.truthinlabeling.org


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