As a Women with PTSD, yes please answer the previous question

"As a Women with PTSD; I have been having an awful time. Started with a high CBD. Worked great , for only 3 weeks, now I have severe depression. Tried a little up on the THC , nothing, tried tapering of my Meds… usual stuff for PTSD and depression..had such bad time, ended back on Meds . Because I am on SSI And State insurance, I am unable to find therapy to work on this horrific bought (symptom wise) , again with PTSD and depression. If I was a Veteran, and don’t get me wrong ! I soooo, very appreciate everything our Vets do and did for our safety,. But there is not a group or organization that will help. Women like need more help in different areas, and I thank you for your products.
In making this long story even longer- 馃檪 Have any suggestions , So novice on the whole concept. I like the CBD for getting out of my head. But need a pick me up .AM energy. Haven’t been out to socialize in MONTH’s. Something to help keep the thoughts quite at night.
Thank you
Looking forward to learning more about " Siva ""

I’m so sorry to hear about your experiences with PTSD – and of course the lack of appropriate resources to address it. As a fellow non-veteran woman with PTSD, I’ve also found I had easier access to pharmaceuticals than to therapy and I understand your frustrations. It’s also difficult to find a medication only temporarily successful. While it’s unclear to me what ratio of high CBD medication you tried first, and what the small increase of THC equated to in terms of ratio, I suggest trying something in the range of 4:1 – 1:1. Unless of course you have a very low tolerance to THC, in which case you might want to stick to 4:1 or above and stay at a low dose initially. We find that it’s very worthwhile to try a couple different CBD rich medications with a bit of range on the ratios so that you can assess what may work best for you. This can be costly and it’s worthwhile to take advantage of sampling events, sales, free gifts and donations where you can.

You bring up a very good point about how many patients have to troubleshoot before they find what ratio, dose, and delivery system works best for them. It’s also important to consider that your dosing needs can potentially change over time as you develop a tolerance or as your body and wellness experiences change. I encourage patients not to give up and to work with advocacy organizations to request medications providers, dispensaries, and delivery services to offer more free samples so this process doesn’t become financially taxing for those who are on a fixed income.

We also find a lot of benefit to taking notes of your experiences with various cannabis medications so that you can better suss out which options may be most effective for you in the long run. This "note taking" may also include your experiences with pharmaceutical medications as well as diet, exercise, and other natural medicine modalities – it’s all about allowing you, and any caregivers or health practitioners you engage with, a full picture of your experience with wellness and health.


We are sorry to hear of your challenges. We are very sensitive the struggles of PTSD as many of our customers come to us with concerns.

As @jessicaPeters has so eloquently laid out, patients often have to troubleshoot on their own and a journey of experimentation is ahead of them. Unfortunately, due to regulations, we can’t recommend a serving size or a particular product, but what we CAN do is give you a few recommendations that our customers with PTSD have reported success with, along with the tip to check out the work of Dr. Phillip Blair, MD. Dr. Blair is a champion of CBD use for PTSD and has seen success with several of his patients. As an MD, he has much experience with serving sizes as well as potency both of which can affect your personal experience with CBD You can read more about Dr. Blair’s work with PTSD and CBD here: https://elixinol.com/blog/cbd-oil-ptsd-post-traumatic-stress-disorder/

Many of our customers like CBD Hemp Oil Capsules (newly on sale, found here: https://elixinol.com/product/cbd-capsules/ ) because it’s so easy to control serving size as well as the CBD Hemp Oil Liposomes (https://elixinol.com/product/cbd-capsules/). If you feel comfortable doing so, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Blair through the Elixinol website for guidance on CBD. Good luck with your journey.


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