I am using a cream which is not helping my back pain, is there another product I can try?

Where are you located? If near Petaluma you could try one of our pain relieving salves, it works great on back pain. Hope you feel better.


If a topical product is not working for you, perhaps try moving to an internal product. There are many options from vaporizers (which take immediate effect) to edibles. Probably your next step is to try a tincture, or edible. Start with a small dose 5 – 10mg of THC and see how that works for you.

For options, try this search: https://www.hellomd.com/search/tincture/products


There is an amazing line of topical creams from a company called Forest Nymph which have been a customer favorite since the day they arrived. In particular, the Forest Nymph Pain Relief cream should be extremely helpful with your back pain. You can find all the Forest Nymph products, they’re under the tinctures and topical section, along with our other products here:https://greendoorwest.com/collections/all-tinctures-topicals


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