I get both headaches and migraines. I don't want any psychoactivity, so should I just use CBD and not THC?

As long as you are taking CBD:TCH at 8:1 or higher dose of CBD, you should not experience any psychoactivity but some people are extremely sensitive to the THC effects so you could even go to the next dose up and receive relief without the high. Even the hemp oils do tend to have a small dose of THC in them. Be sure you’re well hydrated and you can try the cannabis Salve on your neck coming that will often break my Migraine if I use it quickly enough. Also be sure to eliminate all the foods that you might be allergic to, such as all aged cheese, even Parmesan on the pizza may precipitate a migraine.


Yes CBD can definitely help your migraines. You may want to look into a tincture that is high in CBD with just a tiny bit of THC. The tiny bit of THC can help with amplifying the effects of the CBD. An extremely low amount of THC will not result in any psychoactivity, so you’ll be safe in that respect.


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