I have 500 ml of cbd tincture – How much should I take for health?

You seem to be thinking of CBD as some kind of a vitamin or supplement that is taken to improve general health. There is absolutely no evidence I am aware of that suggests doing this, and so your question doesn’t really have an answer. I need to also point out that knowing the actual concentration of CBD in your tincture is essential for any meaningful guidance about how much to take. I frequently also mention that CBD itself has no known lethal dose, not even a known toxic dose, and no scientifically determined dose known to be useful for any medical condition (although some studies are finally now being done). This makes it easy and reasonably safe for people to try what they think might be helpful without worrying too much about serious side effects. And it has also allowed the accumulation of tons of anecdotal information which people are eager to pass along on the internet, but can be hard to evaluate for truth. I would not recommend using CBD regularly as a health supplement only because there is insufficient reason to do so, not because of any known reason not to.


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