Is there a mind-body connection when it comes to sports performance and cannabis consumption?

One of the things that I learned that may surprise a lot of people by utilizing cannabis with my training regimen is just being able to listen to my body a bit more closely. I think a lot of the sports that we play, a lot of the coaches that teach us how to play these sports, they always tell you to push through the pain. And many times, by pushing through the pain, you will get a lot of great results.
But as you get older, understanding when you are just feeling pain versus when you’re injured is a very, very good skill to learn. And by utilizing cannabis, I noticed that the mind-body connection is much stronger, and I could start realizing when I’m actually injured versus when I need to push through the pain. And I think being able to delineate the two was a huge barrier for me to break through. Because many times when you are playing combat sports, you don’t want to look like the weakest person on the team. But if you are really injured, you need to pull yourself out.


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alison leton



As a high level athlete I pers believe it does help before and after, and during in sports like baseball and softball as i always played better myself when I was elevated playing baseball. I think it slows things down a bit while brightening colors including the laces on The ball. For these situa I would ONLY use a sativa or hybrid leaning Sativa.


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