I have been diagnosed stage 4 adeno carcinoma NSCLC. Any Cannabis Oil personal testimonials here?

Since you are asking for a personal testimonial, I will provide mine but keep in mind that anyone’s personal testimonial is just their story and should not be used by anyone else to justify their use of cannabis because everyone potentially responds differently to the use of cannabis.
Since I have used and educated patients in the use of cannabis for years, when I first started having symptoms that I thought were related to potential cancer, I started taking high doses (~84mg daily) of CBD’s in hopes of keeping the cancer from spreading until I could get it diagnosed and treated. It turned out that my cancer is a very deadly kind of cancer and it took the doctors more than two months to finally look where I asked them to look, and they found the cancer, I had adenocarcinoma ovarian cancer. The cancer was huge, 15 cm at the time of surgery, but the cancer had not spread and all my lymph nodes were negative so I have a very high likelihood (~85%) of living beyond five years. CBDs are supposed to slow the growth of cancers and reduce the likelihood of spread but THC is also toxic to cancer, I just can’t function well on high THC, so iIf I did a product with higher THC I would do it after work followed by CBD’s bedtime.
I encourage you to do what feels right to you but I would not hesitate to tell you to put more CBD in your treatment schedule and watch the research studies. We have an excellent article on CBD and the use with cancer on our website so please, start exploring. Keep a positive frame of mind and do not let others plant negative thoughts in your head, because as I tell my doctors, "it is hard to do a negative-ectomy on my brain!" Your body wants to be well so you must give it the nutrients to keep it well and start to explore how you ended up with cancer to begin with since it is likely a small defect in your genetic chart that may need nutrients and cannabis to help your genetic chart function correctly. Exploring your health and survival is a good challenge but do not worry, stay in present moment, and support your immune system and you likely will extend your life and be much happier.


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