I have intractable migraines, 24 hours a day and nausea. Could you please suggest something that could help?

"Cannabis is the best treatment for Migraines", so said the founder of "Modern Medicine", Sir William Osler, back in the 1800s. Many varieties of cannabis are useful for migraine. I would start with a whole plant tincture with CBD and THC. Vaporized cannabis can be used for more immediate relief.


I would suggest trying a raw cannabis juice as your body may be deficient in naturally made cannabinoids. I would then have a vaporizer pen handy for acute pain and nausea. Two puffs of something like the hmbldt pain relief pen should help immediately.


A regime I have used to successful lower the number of Migraines from one per month to one per 6-12 months is daily use of cannabis (after work)- paticularily Indica only strains.

I am sensitive to light and sound and the use of Indica strains helps "dim" the lights as I like to put it.

My favorite strains are Granddaddy Purple or Platinum Kush but everybody is different so I recommend trying different Indica strains (Platinum Kush has trace levels of CBD)

Vaporizing concentrates is also a good alternative to smoking flowers since it takes less of a toll on your respiratory system.


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