I just received your bath soak. How am I supposed to distribute the ingredients evenly? It appears to be layered. Do I pour it out, mix it up, and then use? How much per bath? Looks lovely in the jar but I’m confused about how to use! Thanks.


From Verte Essentials: "Releasing the the entire contents of the Luxe Soak into the complimentary hand dyed muslin sachet. Place the sachet in your bath. As your chosen experience first touches the water with a proprietary blend of essential oils and botanical extracts releasing therapeutic qualities. As you step into the tub the benefits of the quickly dissolving Epsom salts create a relaxing & detoxifying environment for your muscles and joints. An invisible yet imperative biding addition, Sodium Bicarbonate prevents toxins released by your body into the water, from being reabsorbed into your bloodstream. Simultaneously, hemp extract Infused MCT oil saturates and moisturizes, soaking deeper into the layers of your skin. Slowest to dissolve, the stunning pink Himalayan Sea Salt liberate valuable minerals into the bath improving circulation and balancing your pH. To realize the full potential of your soak and enhance the restorative properties of the botanical extracts, gently massage and rub the oil into your skin. In the final stages of the bath the botanicals take on their full potential, releasing a bouquet of aromas deepening and fulfilling your chosen experience. This experience is designed to serve you for well over an hour in the tub and overnight post bath. Do not rinse the oils off your skin after your soak for the full potential, and let the sachet dry and use it as an aromatic drawer freshener and reminder of your experience."

Kevin P.

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