I need pain relief for nerve damage but do not want to get stoned. Is Canna-Tsu a good strain for me?

"I am curious why someone chooses Canna-Tsu over another strain and if will help with chronic pain. I am trying to get off pain meds and would like to find something where I can function but also find relief."

Canna-Tsu is a hybrid that is considered "CBD-rich". Recent lab profiles show about a 5:4 ratio of CBD to THC in this strain. With this ratio you would expect to receive the anti-inflammatory, pain relief and anti-spasmodic benefits of both the THC and CBD without much cognitive disturbance.
However, if you are new to cannabis you may still "feel" a mental sensation as the medication takes effect. It is doubtful you would experience any "psycho-stimulatory" effects at this ratio.


Canna-Tsu has a high-CBD, low-THC cannabinoid profile which gives it a relaxing, mellow body effect while maintaining mental clarity. A high-CBD strain will have a lot of the medicinal benefits you are looking for – anti-inflammatory, pain relief – while being very mildly psychoactive. Someone would choose this if they want the medicinal benefits, but don’t want to feel high. You may also find relief by looking into high-CBD tinctures and edibles.


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