Applying for a Medical Marijuana Card

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Here is the link regarding how to register for a California State medical marijuana card: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/programs/MMP/Pages/default.aspx

However, registration with the State of California is VOLUNTARY. You do not have to obtain a card from the State to purchase cannabis from a dispensary or collective. All you need is recommendation issued by a physician with a valid medical license. Included with some recommendations is a card that states you have that and it is NOT the same thing as the State card, it is just for identification. What you need to bring to a dispensary etc is the gold embossed paper that states your registration number, your name and the doctors name who gave you the recommendation and some type of identification.

When you register with the State all of your information is on their servers and could possibly be accessed by hackers and requested by employers as well as you that fact that you need to pay another fee to obtain the card from the State.

Perry Solomon, MD

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