I want to get a card to explore pain medication alternatives to pain pills.

"Have had two knee replacements within nine weeks and don’t like the effects of vicodin for pain manement."

I have been in a lot of pain lately from the hit and run I was in and I have a broken leg,arm,and a fractured eye socket and when I smoke it takes the pain away


Is this available in the U.K. I’ve lived with chronic pain for thirty plus years many medical problems and really could do with these for pain relief thanx


Is this available in the P.A. I’ve lived with chronic pain 20 plus years many medical problems. I can NOT stain any meds. I am posed to be on psych meds that i was prescribed by doctor they mad me very sick and gane so much wight. I fell in 2015 off of the three and a quarter deck into a flower bed. after that 4 moth later I drop two logs on my foot broken in 2015. my back and neck is a little bit damaged it is unbearable pain.


I was in a similar position, but for back pain. If you’re looking for pain relief through medical marijuana, without the "high", I highly recommend you read Hello MD’s articles on CBD.

You can consume it in a variety of methods, such as tinctures, edibles, smoking/vaporizing, ointment rubs, etc. It’s best to take it slow and try different options until you find one that works best for you specifically.


I had breast cancer in 2003, a partial lung resection for severe COPD and emphysema in 2009, lung cancer in April 2015, and then diagnosed with widespread bony metastatic breast cancer (Stage IV) in March 2016. I’m looking for the best pain control I can find because nothing has controlled it so far. I hear cannabis is the best but it is not let legal in our state except to treat children with epilepsy. I also cannot afford to buy it off the streets. Is there a program that makes THC-CBD available for cancer patients?


I’ve had a number of patients who have either been able to tolerate post-TKA Surgery pain relief with cannabis or switch from opiates to cannabis rather quickly and seamless! Please feel free to talk to any of our outstanding MD’s during HelloMD business hours and we get get your started on gettomg med cann for analgesia/ pain mgmt!


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