If you smoke while breastfeeding will it ever get into your breastmilk? If so, how long will it take to leave?

Yes, Cannabis does go into the breastmilk and depending on the frequency of use the cannabis may stay in the baby’s body indefinitely but if only one feeding was affected the cannabis will likely be out of the babies system in days to weeks. Since Cannabis has an affinity for fat tissue it will be stored in the babies brain and fat tissue and is slowly metabolized out of the system. The baby only receives approximately 0.8% of the mother’s dose of cannabis/kg and although the levels are still very low, If the mother is a chronic user the breastmilk could be up to eight times higher then the mother’s blood level.
This is an area of cannabis that has receive very little research but with the increase in cannabis use and the strength of the cannabis it is an area that needs further research and long term follow-up since we have no idea House psychoactive drugs used in pregnancy and breast-feeding may affect the drive for psychoactive drug use in teenagers.


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