Is is possible that a caramel edible and a capsule affect me very differently?

Yes, it can make sense even though they are both edibles. First, are you aware of the milligrams of both products? Also, are you aware of the ratio, if there is one, of CBD to THC? The dosage of each will affect how you feel. There is a big difference between a 5mg edible and a 20 mg edible. Also, a caramel edible would be held in your mouth and sucked for most of the duration of eatin git, whereas a capsule is swallowed. I find that an edible that is sucked , the effect of that edible on me happens more quickly and is less subtle than an edible eaten immediately and metabolized by the liver. I take CBD sub lingually and it makes me feel great, if I take a capsule, the same dosage will make me feel a little lethargic. So, it comes down to a few different things. I hope this helps!


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