Is it safe to use CBD products during pregnancy?

"Can you recommend cannabis products that are safe for use while pregnant?"

This topic has been addressed several times. There is not enough data to state that CBD is safe to use in pregnant or lactating women. While it MIGHT be safe, contrary to what some people will state on the internet, there are NO clinical studies to prove it’s safety. For that reason, I do not recommend it’s use. There are too many other medicines – pharmaceutical and herbal, that have been proved safe so why run the risk? I urge mothers to err on the side of caution when it comes to the health of their developing baby.


While there are no studies on CBD per se with pregnant women, in the 1970s there was a study done in Jamaica with cannabis that showed no negative effect. Proceed with caution.
I’m curious, what are you thinking you need it for?


Hi!!! To date there has been no evidence that pregnant women should avoid CBD-rich products, however they should avoid THC until more research is published. It is also worth mentioning that women in Jamaica and other cultures have used cannabis during pregnancy. While the jury is still out on THC products, nothing suggests that CBD is harmful.


Actually, I would ask you, "Why do you want to do Cannabis during pregnancy?"
The whole point of the pregnancy is to have a healthy pregnancy with an excellent outcome. One study did show that if you use cannabis during pregnancy there was a slight increase risk of a premature delivery and that actually put your baby at higher risk for medical complications. Until we know the facts, it’s always best to leave off the drugs that are not necessary during pregnancy because those drugs may actually be safe for us as adults but they may not be safe for very tiny baby. Even if the Cannabis may be safe for an unborn baby, the cannabis may be contaminated with chemicals that may not be safe for an unborn baby. Why even risk the health of your unborn baby?


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