Is it true that lemon or milk can reverse the effects of THC?

I dont know about lemon or milk, but CBD is supposed to be effective at balancing out the effects of THC. If you have had an edible and feel its too strong (a very common occurrence) it seems counter intuitive, but if you take some CBD it can help to reduce the ‘high’ feeling and bring things under control.

For this reason, its always good to have a high CBD tincture handy, especially of you are consuming edibles. It can be hard to convince someone to take something more, especially of they are feeling overwhelmed as it is by what they ate, but if you can get them to take some it can improve things. I have personal experience of this working for me, although I don’t know the chemical background as to why this may work.

Perhaps one of our doctors will chime in here.

As for lemon or milk, I have never heard of such a thing.


I’ve never heard of this (In the last 50 years I’ve been using). There are a lot of foolish ideas tossed around by people who have no idea of what they’re talking about – this sounds like one of those things.


I don’t believe lemon or milk will reverse the psychoactive effects of THC, but taking a pure CBD extract absolutely works. I’ve tried it myself many times and have seen it’s efficacy for people who attend our Social Club events. Care by Design 18:1 CBD tincture is one that we always have on hand for ourselves and our members. If you feel too high or ungrounded, simply take a few squirts of the CBD spray under the tongue. It acts quickly, usually within 10-15 minutes and offers a grounding, and some say widening, of the high feeling – which essentially brings you back down.


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