Is marijuana legal in Pennsylvania?

"I live in Pennsylvania and wanted to know if I can legally purchase marijuana near me."

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Medical Marijuana card in the state of Pennsylvania

Medical marijuana is. Governor Wolf legalized medical cannabis in the state in April 2016, and on February 15, 2018, it actually
became available for patients at dispensaries across Pennsylvania — providing long-overdue medical relief to people with serious health problems.

It can be used here to treat conditions that include cancer, chronic pain, inflammatory bowel disease, opioid addiction, PTSD, and neuropathy (among others). Getting a medical marijuana card involves:

  • Registering for the program through the Medical Marijuana Registry.
  • Having a physician certify that you suffer from one of the medical conditions that qualify for medical marijuana.
  • Paying for a medical marijuana ID card.
  • Getting medical marijuana from an approved dispensary in Pennsylvania.

HelloMD can help you get your Pennsylvania medical cannabis certification for only $149. The fast and straightforward process involves registering online, scheduling to meet a health practitioner virtually, and then getting advice from that practitioner who will help decide if you have a qualifying medical condition that allows you to order and use medical cannabis.

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A patient holds his medical marijuana card in Pennsylvania

Currently “adult use” or “recreational use” of cannabis isn’t allowed in the state. If you buy and use weed illegally, or don’t follow the rules for buying and using medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, you could face fines or even jail time.

That said, there is a movement afoot to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, especially with the upcoming 2022 Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race, where the issue is being brought front and center.

For example, in October 2021, a Republican state senator from central Pennsylvania and a Democratic state representative from West Philadelphia teamed up on a bill to make Pennsylvania the 19th state to legalize recreational cannabis for adults.

State Senator Mike Regan and State Representative Amen Brown said in a joint interview that they would hold public hearings to gather information and build support for the legislation.

Traditionally, Democrats have pushed for legalized recreational cannabis, while most Republicans have resisted it, worrying about issues such as driving under the influence (DUI).

Regan is the second senate Republican to support legalization legislation, following State Senator Dan Laughlin, a Republican from Erie who announced in February 2021 that he would co-sponsor legalization legislation with State Senator Sharif Street, a Philadelphia lawmaker.

Whether or not this represents a shift in conservative thinking remains to be seen, since the House Republican caucus is still not in favor of recreational use legalization.

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Pennsylvania requires a pharmacist to be on site in dispensaries,

While the regulations governing cannabis use in Pennsylvania are strict, it is also one of the few states that require pharmacists onsite at medical cannabis dispensaries to educate staff and patients and help guide new users in making their selections.

While Pennsylvania still has a no-edibles policy, there are a lot of different kinds of cannabis available to medical users, ranging from dry leaf, pills and extracts to topicals, tinctures, and patches.

To get access to legal, medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, you can meet virtually with a licensed professional through HelloMD, or in-person with a Medical Marijuana-Approved Practitioner and sign up for Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program.

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