Is Prop 64 modeled on any other (successful) state program?

"How similar is it to states like Colorado that seems to be working well?"

Hi! Prop. 64 definitely borrows from other legalization programs such as Colorado and Oregon. Like those states, Prop. 64 creates a system of licensing for cannabis businesses and makes adult cannabis use, cultivation and possession legal. Also, like the other states, Prop. 64 creates a plan for tax revenue. In Colorado, the money was dedicated to school construction and education. In California, the money will be dedicated to a wide range of programs and services, including youth education, prevention and public health services, research, environmental restoration and grants for communities most impacted by the drug war. Like Oregon and Colorado, patients in CA will still receive a special designation that allows them special rights and privileges. One of improvements in Prop. 64 over Colorado’s model is the allowance of on site consumption. Allowing social consumption is an important harm reduction tool that helps ensure responsible use.


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