In terms of sports recovery, is there any evidence that cannabis actually works?

Yeah, absolutely. So there’s many studies that have shown that cannabinoids are a strong anti-inflammatory. On top of that, there’s a lot of emotional well-being that you get from consuming cannabis that helps with sports recovery. But for our athletes, the anti-inflammatory properties are so strong—much better than Advil, acetaminophen. And we found that the side effects are so much less for cannabinoids that it’s something that they could use consistently and throughout the day as well
People have said THC with the rest of the cannabinoids have an entourage effect. But I recently heard that the cannabinoids have more of an ensemble effect where there’s not one main lead but it’s all the cannabinoids working in concert with each other. So just like whole foods are better than taking a multivitamin, we always recommend that when you’re consuming cannabis, get a full spectrum of the cannabinoids.


I was kicked by a horse resulting in (15 breaks) compound fractured wrist. They used a titanium plate and screws to hold my wrist together. I ingested marijuana butter to manage pain and swelling. The break healed faster than orthopedic surgeon was expecting and told me to keep doing what I was doing. i didnt use most of the opiates prescribed. i had a second surgery to remove titanium plate and 8 screws. I applied same philosophy.

I had had lots of physical therapy to get my hand and wrist back to a functioning limb. I’d say I’m 95% but breaknso bad, bone is shorter on break side causing wrist joint issues.

The high CBD content helped with the pain, swelling and I healed up faster. i would recommend this pain treatment to anyone as long as they consulted with their doctor.

Sports injuries can be pulled or torn tendon, muscles, broken bones, etc. marijuana works very well to manage pain, swelling, and in my assessment expedite healing process.


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