Is there any evidence that CBD helps with anxiety and what way is best for me to consume it?

"I don’t live in a legal marijuana state, but I have terrible anxiety and have heard that CBD derived from the hemp plant may be something I can try."

In my opinion, it wouldn’t hurt to try CBD that is derived from the hemp plant. The difference between hemp derived CBD and cannabis derived CBD is the amount of THC in the plant.

I have heard success with vaporizing CBD for quickest relief during an anxiety attack, while using CBD edibles regularly to maintain homeostasis, or a balance in one’s mind and body.

CBD promotes neurogenesis which can have a calming effect on people leading to a decrease of anxiety for some.

CBD comes from agriculturally derived hemp and you would just want to make sure that your hemp is responsibly sourced.

We, at HelloMD, have heard of many testimonials about CBD helping people deal with their anxiety.


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