Is this just for cats and dogs?

"I have a chinchilla and he gets anxious when I leave him. I’m hoping he could use these."

Treatibles are not just for cats and dogs. Our client testimonials indicate that Treatibles have been helpful for many different types of pets including rabbits, horses, and birds. All animals have an endocannabinoid system which regulates many homeostatic functions and can provide overall health and wellness.

Every animal’s physiology is different and this impacts
a) the amount of time it takes for the Treatibles to take effect,
b) the ideal amount for each serving, and
c) the frequency of each serving

Because a chinchilla is so small, you may want to start out with an even smaller dose than what is recommended (1 mg. per 10 lbs. of weight) and then increase it to the recommended dose – just to be on the safe side. Pay close attention to your pet and your pet will show you what it needs.

BTW: Treatibles are human grade super foods. I especially like the taste of the pumpkin Treatibles. So, in my work with dogs I sometimes incorporate the “one for you, one for me” rule! 😎


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