Is this safe for my 16yr old who suffers sever social anxiety and depression?

Hi there!
That product is very safe. CBD has no known toxicity or psychoactive effects. Also, rather than simply isolating CBD, Elixinol follows a "whole-plant philosophy" which increases the oil’s medicinal properties by preserving accessory cannabinoids and terpenes—which all work together in synergy to provide the "entourage effect."
Furthermore, rather than chemical solvents, Elixino uses CO2 to extract CBD, accessory cannabinoids and terpenes—which results in a more potent, pure and safe CBD oil.
Further still, this product is very easily dosed. Most CBD products are very poorly labeled, which leads to confusion and guessing; this product has 15mg each capsule, no guessing necessary.
I hope this helps!

Whole Plant Medicine & the Entourage Effect


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