Whole Plant Medicine & the Entourage Effect

Alicia Rose is the Founder of HerbaBuena a California based collective that provides a sophisticated, personalized approach as well as the finest cannabis-based medicine. HerbaBuena is well known for their social events which allow its members to gather and learn about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and the products that suit them best. This week, Alicia discusses the philosophy behind creating products with the whole plant and why the entourage effect is important.

The Entourage Effect – Why It Matters

Cannabis contains more than 400 compounds, 80 of which are currently categorized as cannabinoids, and all of which act synergistically together to create an “entourage effect” – or an effect that when used together magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the individual components. Better said, the medicinal impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts. The innate plant intelligence of cannabis as a healing herb is unparalleled, likely due to the sheer number of compounds working together to create a therapeutic effect.

HerbaBuena Elixirs for example, are crafted to maintain whole plant intelligence, through solution-specific, synergistic herbal blends as functional medicine. And our cultivation projects focus on strains with balanced cannabinoid profiles – such as Cannatonic Rich CBD.

Whole Cannabis Flower vs. Hemp

Studies have shown that 100 milligrams of single-molecule CBD is not equivalent to 100 milligrams of a CBD-rich whole plant cannabis extract. As part of our own anecdotal evidence, we’ve seen that not all CBD is created equal, and that the compound derived from industrial hemp doesn’t have the same efficacy for patients as whole flower cannabis sativa extract. This is why all our CBD products are flower based.

Primary Cannabinoids

Studies show that the combined effect of these compounds working together is greater than that if they’re used alone. In light of this, our hope is to continue working with geneticists and chemists to develop cannabinoid-specific plants – to offer a more consistent and targeted effect, without compromising the benefit of the entourage effect of the whole plant spectrum. Here’s a list of the primary cannabinoids found in modern day cannabis.

THC: One of the only psychoactive compounds, it offers a euphoric effect that can get us out of our bodies and into our mind, whereby the greatest healing can occur. It has also been shown to relieve pain, reduce vomiting and nausea, suppress muscle spasms, stimulate appetite, and is known to be the pre-cursor to the bioavailability of CBD.

THCA: The raw, pre-heated (pre-decarboxylated) form of THC has been shown to reduce inflammation, inhibit cancer cell and tumor growth, suppress muscle spasms, and potentially to balance the ESC without the psychoactive effect. Found in things like kief and raw juice.

CBD: Has been shown to relieve pain, reduces inflammation, slow bacterial growth, reduce blood sugar levels, reduce seizures and convulsions, reduce risk of artery blockage, inhibit growth of cancer cells and tumors, treat psoriasis, moderates psychosis, suppress muscle spasms, relieve anxiety, promote bone growth, modulate immune system function, reduce small intestine contractions, and protect against nervous system degeneration. It is also an antidote to the effects of THC.

CBN: Has been shown to relieve pain, provide a sedative effect for sleep and suppress muscle spasms

CBG: Has been shown to slow bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, inhibit cancer cell and tumor growth.

THCv: Has been shown to suppress appetite, help with weight loss, reduce seizures and convulsions and promote bone growth. We’re working on cultivating stable strains of flowers from which we can extract this powerful compound.

If you are interested in attending one of HerbaBuena’s social events, take a look at their online social calendar.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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