I've had Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years. What are the best strains for MS and Muscle spasms?

"Went 3+ hours to get specific strains. I don’t want to try anymore topicals or edibles til I find what works"

The effects of different cannabis strains are determined by the genetics of the plant, the conditions under which it is grown, and how it is stored, processed and used. I would reccommend experimenting with various strains and forms of cannabis. You may want to start with CBD-rich whole plant tincture.


I am not sure that you are going to find data regarding specific strains and MS; however, I can tell you what the data is showing thus far: Cannabis has been shown to help MS patients with their muscle spasms, tremors and to decrease urinary urgency. To pass the blood brain barrier you will need a CBD:THC ratio of >20:1. Any ratio >10:1 will not make you "high" so you can use this during the day. I am recommending this ratio in a tincture form two times a day every day. It may take up to 2-3 weeks to see full effect. In addition, a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1 is good for acute pain, nausea, muscle spasms and sleep when you are not driving and need acute pain relief.


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