My mom wants to get of of the opioid meds, but she doesn't wan't to replace it with THC

"My mom had chronic pain due to nerve damage. She currently uses CBD and is working to stop using opioids. It’s not going as well as we hoped it would, but is there something she can use to get off the opioids and not replace it with THC?"

Actually, in one study, patients were tested and they voted the most effective pain reliever was a
4:1, CBD : THC oral spray. If a nerve is in the process of dying or if it’s being restored, it screams because your body can’t call you on the telephone, it has to communicate internally.
What happened to the nerve?
When I started taking super high CBD, low THC tincture regularly, twice daily, I had a nerve reawakening after 30 years of hypersensitivity on the skin and numbness all around from a nerve being severed, but nothing brought it back until I use CBD. The 28 : 1, CBD to THC is not psychoactive but the THC does augment the function of the CBD cannabis.
In order to effectively control pain, the pain cycle must be broken with regular medication use otherwise we actually imprint the nerves to keep firing the pain signal and the pain will not stop even though the body may not be experiencing pain.
CBD cannabis with low THC appears to be safer then all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Maybe showing your mother the information on our website will be helpful to get her away from opioids and I honor your willingness to help her, be proud of yourself.


I highly recommend your mom go to a medical detox. Getting off of pain killers is not easy on your own. I was on pain killers, of 1 kind or another for 16 years. I tried to stop taking them on my own Many times. I’d always end up in the ER because of it. The only way, @ least for me, was a Medical Detox facility. It was the best thing I’d done for myself (& my family!) in 16 years!


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I hope this finds you well!

I’d like to state i’m not a doctor; I own a delivery service in Marin County, California and I’m proud to say I have helped dozen’s of people off opiates and onto cannabis – I think that everyone’s body is different and it will take some experimenting on how much / which strains / methods you use of cannabis but yes you will most likely be very successful switching / detoxing from opiates and onto cannabis.

I hope this was helpful!

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Yes, in my experience. Orally and topically CBD has been helpful for all patients. If it does not remove all of the pain it will make the opioids more effective at lower doses.


Hello! We believe that one of the greatest potentials for treatment with cannabis is to help patients who are suffering from opiate addiction. Cannabis can help treat chronic pain as well as helping to alleviate opiate withdrawal symptoms. Even those individuals who are not addicted but who seek to avoid the use of unnecessary opiates can find treatment alternatives with cannabis. For more information and a video on this subject,
Best of luck!


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