Seeking counsel regarding CBD use for a recovering pet

"My cat had knee surgery last week and the recovery period is long – meaning he needs to be enclosed for a good 3 months while his leg heals. So far, I am giving him the prescribed anti-anxiety drugs which have a side effect of drowsiness. I am wondering if giving him CBD would help him – his main needs are anti-anxiety and sedation, he doesn’t seem to be in pain. Wondering if anyone here has had experience with recovering animals and CBD – wondering about the dosage and combining it with his other meds (trazodone and Gabapentin) "

Hi there!
Unfortunately, I am not aware of any CBD dosing guidelines for cats. However, in a 2018 study, researchers from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University concluded that
2mg CBD/kg, twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.
That works out to about:
1mg of CBD per every pound.
So a 10lb dog would take 10mg of CBD twice daily.
I would recommend that you start off at 0.5mg of CBD/ weight in pounds of your cat, twice daily. Then, if all is well, gradually increase to 1mg/pound, twice daily.

CBD treatment might increase blood levels of trazadone—because they are both metabolized by enzymes in the liver called the cytochrome p450 system. However, Neurontin is excreted in the urine, mostly unchanged.
Accordingly, Neurontin dosage can remain unchanged; trazadone levels might rise some, requiring lowering the dose of trazadone . However, if those medications were prescribed for pain, insomnia or anxiety, there is a good chance they won’t be needed.

Most importantly, make sure to discuss this with your feline compainion’s veterinarian before proceeding.
I hope this helps!


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