Strange anxiety and sleeplessness when taking any cannabis?

"I’ve always been a lightweight when it comes to substances. I could get drunk off of maybe two beers, high off of one good hit. I have been taking indicas up until 6 months ago when suddenly I started getting incredible anxiety and sleeplessness. Adding to this was a large increase in heat in my body…like hot flashes.

I am a 27 yo F. Now if I take even the slightest amount of weed (have tried different strains) this happens. I can’t figure out why this is happening. I hate the idea that I might never be able to smoke again.

Does this have to do with hormones? Seratonin? It can’t be possible to "green out" with such small amounts of marijuana…right?"

Hello there! I’m so sorry that you are having these reactions. However we might be able to do some deductive work to try to figure things out. The more I think about your case, I wonder if cannabis is even the issue. Hormonal swings in estrogen/ progesterone might cause some of the symptoms you describe. Have you spoken to your ob-gyn or regular MD about these issues? Is there any change in diet, stress levels at work, etc? If you think cannabis may be the cause, I might try taking a break for a short time (perhaps a week or so) and see if there is any change in your symptoms. Or another option is to try cannabis but to deliver it in a much lower concentration to your system; you can try diluting cannabis tincture in tea, coffee, juice, or soup and see if this helps. Let us know if any of these ideas lead to any useful findings & best of luck!


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