THC makes me incredibly dry, so I pound fluid and am so overloaded there is no room for food.

When THC and other cannabinoids connect with salvia receptors in the mouth, it interrupts their regular process, usually resulting in dry mouth.

One simple fix is to eat edibles instead of smoking or vaping cannabis. If that’s not an option, there are few other tips I’ve picked up to combat cottonmouth.

  1. Anything sour is your friend. Sour flavours trigger a salivary response, and after a few minutes, it should reset the salivary glands. Lemons, limes, and even sour candy can all help in this way.

  2. Lozenges: Popping in a Fisherman’s Friend or any other lozenge may help because the sucking motion also helps trigger the saliva glands. There’s also a slew of lozenges that contain chemicals like Xylitol specifically meant to target dry mouth.

  3. Drink water, but slowly. Even though it’s satisfying to chug a bottle of water, you could get the same results with just some tiny sips. Smaller sips wash away the cannabinoids clinging to the glands, so after awhile, a few sips of water should do the trick.

Erik McLaren

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