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"Hello, I am a male (30 years old) and I am trying to conceive with my wife. I suffer from anxiety which is why I became interested in (and starting using) cannabis. Browsing the internet for actual studies on the effects of cannabis on MALE fertility is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There is not much good information out there for men, as it seems mostly focused on pregnant women. I’m mostly using balanced thc:cbd ratio cannabis tinctures or vaporizers to medicate, however I’m curious what effect that could be having on my sperm and fertility as a whole. I would like to continue to medicate my symptoms, but would like to also be sure that I’m doing the right thing for my future children by doing my due diligence here in researching possible issues with this use.
Is using cannabis as a man trying to conceive something I should be concerned about? "

No cannabis will not decrease the likelihood of you and your wife conceiving a child. Have you heard of "reefer madness"? Cannabis has undergone the biggest smear campaign in history, and is still thought by some people to cause cancer, brain damage, male breast development, laziness, mental health diseases, and a decay of society. I call bull**** on all of this. Cannabis is the oldest, safest, best medicine on the planet. It is safe during pregnancy and for children. However, belief is a powerful thing, and if you and your wife believe that cannabis will hamper your ability to conceive a child, what you believe may influence the outcome.


Actually, I have read the opposite, regular use of cannabis can interfere with male sperm production and tends to promote a larger number of abnormal sperm that are not capable of fertilization. Have you actually had your sperm analysis done to prove that you have a problem? That is usually the first test that’s done because men are much easier, less expensive and less invasive to test.
The other question is, to achieve what you want isn’t it worth it to consider going off your cannabis for a couple months? If your sperm count is being suppressed by Cannabis it may be possible that you may have a rebound in your sperm count by going off the cannabis and that could encourage a pregnancy at that time.


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