Unsure about CBD dosages and how to gauge what effect it's having. Any advice?

"I have a prescription for medical marijuana, partially for anxiety and partially for permanent nerve damage from a car accident. I can only use CBD as THC makes my anxiety worse. However I notice my memory seems to be more impaired at times and my levels of motivation…"

Cbd’s should not affect ur memory. Its non psychoactive. Try the pen. Always organic seems to work the best for my nerve pain. I was extremly against smoking and my boyfriend finally talked me into trying the pen. Now i have 2 and they are always with me. Wow. I couldnt believe how well the pen works. Just a few puffs and i can feel the pain going away then i can go about my activities. It doesnt affect my head at all. I also use cbd capsules. U can get them with no thc in them. The pen for immediate relief and the capsules to help u stay pain free for longer.


Doses will vary a lot based on the individual and the type of CBD medication you are trying to use. I want to follow up and ask what are you taking before I try and help suggest what to do. It will be helpful to know if you are trying tinctures, or flowers, or pills etc. and what ratios they are. My answer will depend heavily on what medicines you have tried that have left you feeling this way.

I will also say that anxiety is a very motivating emotion that causes people to act on a situation. As your anxiety drops with the CBD, you may feel less on edge and have a less of a drive to immediately react to situations as a result of adjusting to your reduced levels of anxiety.


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