I am interested in a topical for menstrual cramping and PMS.


Quite frankly I am dubious of any topical that you apply that claims to help menstrual cramping. Why? 1) Topicals claim, and rightly so, that they do not get absorbed into the blood stream and therefore when you use a topical you are pretty much assured that you will not test positive for THC in your urine and get no euphoric effect. If they do not get absorbed into your blood stream, then how do they make the journey through your skin, through the intestines which cover the uterus, to then somehow magically act on the powerful uterine muscles to help them relax. That would be one magic topical!

That is not to say that putting a topical on, taking a warm bath, etc can make menstrual cramping feel better due to a placebo, or psychological effect, or general relaxation. But I would not attribute it to the topical that you put on your skin. There are products out there that seem to act more directly on the uterus such as Foria that is a vaginal suppository that does have direct contact with the uterus and has been reported to help with cramping.

Perry Solomon, MD

I would definitely recommend Xternal Bath Soak. Made of soothing Epsom salts infused with Cannabinoids, Xternal Soak can relax muscles, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, minimize stress and detoxify the body. For me personally, when the pain of fibromyalgia or sciatica overwhelms, a soak in a hot tub with Xternal provides what I call "pain silence." It really works for deep relief. I’m guessing it would help with cramps, as well.

Best of luck!



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