Was thinking of getting a high CBD/THC strain for when migraines come on but not sure what to get?

"I have had migraines for 16 years and am just now trying CBD/THC. I am using a 20:1 CBD tincture (3 times a day @ 6 drops per use) for prevention purposes. I am curious what others have found useful. "

In my experience, different CBD/THC work well for different people for migraine & pain mgmt. If 20:1 works well for you, I would say continue. If you notice any signs of physiologic tolerance (i.e. higher doses needed to achieve same therapeutic response), try altering the CBD/THC ratio slightly and see what this does. I generally tell patients to avoid smoking when dealing with all headache types because of carbon monoxide production (a known HA inducer). Don’t forget regular exercise, adequate hydration, and sleep. I hope these tips help!


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