What are some THC and CBD guidelines for relief from TMJ pain and soreness?

"I’ve suffered from TMJ for 15 years and aside from protecting my teeth from continued damage, my doctors and dentists haven’t been able to to anything for me (unless you count prescribing muscle relaxants and pain killers, which are bandaids with baggage). I’ve noticed that some strains of THC actually increase my clenching and pain but others seem to help. I’ll obviously keep experimenting to find what might work for me, but where does the science suggest I should start to look for TMJ relief? Which strains have muscle-relaxing qualities? Anxiety-reducing qualities? ..etc"

its sativa that makes tmj/anxiety worse. cant even play with hybrids, got to get STRONG INDICA’s ONLY! been doin this for 30 yrs now, I know! kief, wax, shatter are best/strongest forms. strains can vary. smoking in a EASY/CLEAR hitting 1 inch round bong seems to be best. bowls/joints strain tmj muscles with lips in kissing motion.


As a patient with TMJ, I highly recommend considering fast-acting CBD-rich medications to mitigate your pain and decrease clenching. Generally speaking, an even balance of CBD to THC provides the strongest analgesic effects but the "side effects" of psychoactivity are not acceptable for all patients so it depends on your individual needs. As well as being an analgesic and an inflammation fighter, CBD is also an anti-anxiety agent and an anti-spasmodic. The tightness, clenching, and pain should be relieved by all of these properties – to some extent at least. Ingesting liquid tincture medications directly under the tongue (a sublingual dose) will provide the fastest therapeutic effects and is also discreet.


I have found that a combination of meds is effective for my TMJ. Inhaling 1:1 CBD:THC strains has helped tremendously, but the most annoying thing about TMJ is the acute pain that will not leave your jaw at those moments where you can’t sleep, are at work, etc. I have found that topicals are very effective and defeating the pain in my jaw, while the 1:1 strains really help the muscles relax on the whole.


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