what are the top three things a patient should ask when first going to a dispensary?

The number one thing to ask is about their testing policies. What are their standards on the medicines they sell? Are they organic? How often do they test batches/strains? If interested in edibles, please discuss dosing in depth. Too often clubs send noobs home with edibles and no info on them, then the new patient has a bad experience. Some dispensaries are more medically legitimate than others, they actually want to help you treat your conditions and they care… others just want your money and shuffle you out the door. Do some research online before you even go to the dispensary. Look into the strains that best help what you are specifically treating. Often times, budtenders know nothing about strains (sometimes you find awesome ones though)… a lot of dispensaries don’t even train employees, so they have no idea what they’re talking about… I’d arm yourself with as much info as you can find on this before even going and talking to someone. Do not count on the person you are speaking to to be knowledgeable.


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