What can I do to protect my job and my family from a random drug test?

"I have been conflicted about renewing as most employers do not accept the 215 or medical cannabis. What can I do to protect my job and my family from a random drug test?"

If your employer conducts truly random drug screens, there is really nothing you can do. Cannabis can be detected by drug screens several weeks or even a month following discontinuation, depending on your percentage of body fat and activity level.

Some employers are starting to accept medical marijuana use under the supervision of a physician, although this is not common as of yet. I would suggest you review any contract you have with your organization and any corporate policies available. If your company lumps cannabis in with drugs of abuse and randomly screens for it, you should stop taking it.

Most employers don’t conduct truly random drug screens, as it is costly and inconvenient for employees. In that case, they usually only test employees based on suspicion due to inappropriate work habits, behaviors, or talk. Not using medical cannabis before or during work and using absolute discretion for taking medical marijuana is advised.

Depending on your indication(s) for using cannabis, topical cannabis in the form of salves may be an alternative for you. Little to no topical cannabis enters the blood stream but still has local muscle relaxant effects, anti-inflammatory properties, and analgesic effects.


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