What do you recommend for cancer patients?

"I am currently doing well, but I have brain cancer. "

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this. Fortunately, there has been research that suggests a potential clinical benefit of incorporating cannabis into your treatment. I am quoting from a study published by the American Association for Cancer Research in 2014:

"High-grade glioma is one of the most aggressive cancers in adult humans and long-term survival rates are very low as standard treatments for glioma remain largely unsuccessful. Cannabinoids have been shown to specifically inhibit glioma growth as well as neutralize oncogenic processes such as angiogenesis."

You may access the full article here: https://mct.aacrjournals.org/content/early/2014/11/12/1535-7163.MCT-14-0402

Another good resource on the use of cannabinoids in cancer treatment can be found here (there is a health professionals version and a patient version):

Please also ensure you are in open communication with your doctor if you decide to incorporate cannabis into your treatment.

Hope this information helps!


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