Can Cannabis Ease Cancer-Related Symptoms?

In nearly 40 states, people are turning to cannabis for the relief of cancer-related symptoms, including pain, loss of appetite and the nausea and other …


Best Edibles for Treating Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Cannabis edibles can relieve nausea, pain and other symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. Here’s why – and how to choose the right edibles for …

Alzheimer's Disease

Can Cannabis Reduce Inflammation Associated with COVID-19?

When we’ve been through a tough time, such as COVID-19, we often say we can breathe easier. And if something is straightforward, it’s “as natural …


Can Cannabis Help With Hot Flashes?

Hot flashes are the bane of many women in their menopausal years. But while we most often associate hot flashes with older women, the reality …


Emerald Cup Founder Tim Blake Talks Cannabis & Cancer

Cancer has affected most of us in some way. This can mean standing helplessly on the sidelines unable to ease the suffering of a loved …


Looking for non-psychoactive pain relief

"Breast cancer patient, finished with Chemo, had 1st surgery, next surgery in 4 months. Want to stop using prescribed opiate pain killers, but need to …


What is the most accurate dose of CBD/THC for stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma?

"wh is the most accurate dose of CBD/THC for stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer "


Can prescriptions be provided for Marinol?

"Can HelloMD provide prescriptions for Marinol?" Hi there! The only difference between Marinol and THC from cannabis, is that Marinol is synthesized in a laboratory: …


cbd use for chemo patients

"My brother has a form of Luekemia and is on his 8th round of Chemo. He is exhausted and can’t sleep. He lives in NY, …


CBD for melanoma?

While evidence is still preliminary, we have an article detailing research in the British Journal of Pharmacology indicates that CBD and CBG may be beneficial …


Would this be good for a stage four cancer patient?

" She’s at home now with some hospice care. " Hello, I’m sorry for the suffering you and your family are enduring. While the evolving …


Is an alcohol based cannabis tincture safe to use in conjunction with morphine, larazepam and Prozac for a cancer patient?

Hello, Yes, there is no need for concern about drug interactions, nor the miniscule amount of alcohol. I wish you well. drkim

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