What is best for Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease consists of plaques and tangles in the brain that damage & kill the nerve cells and their ability to communicate with one another and other areas of the body. Since we do not know what is causing Alzheimer’s disease, effective treatment is difficult to design. Alzheimer’s disease as we know it has really only been discovered for the past 15 years. Israel has been doing research regarding Alzheimer’s and treated Alzheimer’s effectively with CBD cannabis as both a prevention and a treatment. CBD cannabis does appear to be neuroprotective according to the research at this time but further information will be released in the future. Since pesticides and herbicides are known to cause brain dysfunction it would be prudent to remove all unnecessary chemicals from one’s environment. Antidepressants are known to increase prolactin levels in humans and can effectively stop the excretion of hormones like HGH and the patient will prematurely age due to the antidepressant so I advise most patients to get off the SSRI meds and to treat depression more appropriately. Exercise is essential to pump fluid throughout the body including the brain. If a person sits all the time there bring can become like a stagnant pond. I encourage the use of a super high CBD, low THC sublingual tincture twice daily but we have no long-term studies at this time.


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