What is best for chronic low back pain?


The best thing that has worked for me till now is Cannabidiol (CBD). One of the newly arising uses of hemp or cannabis extracted CBD is for pain management.

I had put on lots of weight and picked up chronic back pain during that time, even after losing weight the back pain became a constant thing.

I think my bad posture also had a few things to attribute to it.

I went through many well-known sources including What is CBD and discovered that CBD is effective for chronic backaches, so I gave it a try.

Anyways, since I tried CBD it has been a great help for my back. I recommend you try CBD for it and take care!


Hi there! I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with chronic back pain. Happily, many people successfully use cannabis to alleviate this issue. Please check out this in-depth article on the subject:


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