What is the best cannabis product you can recommend for headaches caused by anxiety?

Formulations with equal THC/CBD ratio and formulations with low THC/High CBD ratio seem to be effective for anxiety. Formulations that are equal THC/CBD ratio are also shown to be effective for treating pain. You may want to to start with these guidelines. It may take some trial to determine which products are best for you. The pharmacist at the dispensary will also help guide you.


Any CBD:THC ratio of >14:1 works for anxiety, so I would recommend that ratio or greater twice daily every day and then every 6 hours on top of that for anxiety. Any CBD:THC ratio >10:1 does not make you "high" so you can use this during the day. Many people use a CBD:THC ratio of 20:1 for instance twice daily every day to prevent migraines. Hope this helps!


Mary’s Medicinals quieted my nausea from anxiety, allowed be too not take Clonazepam instead. I purchased when last in Denver. Might help my sciatica as well. Hemp oil CBD does nothing for me.


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